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Stop the Expansion of NAFTA

by Michael Stepp, May 1, 1996

The Ohio Fair Trade Campaign needs activists across the state of Ohio to keep their neighbors and friends involved and informed about the NAFTA issue. We need people who can generate letters and support in the fight against NAFTA. We can keep in contact with you as different situations arise. It is a community effort and it is there that the fight exists.

As you read these words, many of our members of Congress are working to give away American jobs by expanding NAFTA to Chile and to other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. However, Marcy Kaptur (D-Toledo) introduced legislation on November 17 designed to hold NAFTA to its promises. The proposed NAFTA Accountability Act would scrutinize NAFTA and hold it accountable to the promises its proponents made two years ago to possibly amend or repeal it. In the two years since NAFTA was implemented, the trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada has proven to be a costly failure.

Just consider the facts:

Write and call your member of Congress immediately and urge them to vote in favor of the NAFTA Accountability Act. In your letter, please include these key points:
  1. I am writing as a supporter of the Ohio Fair Trade Campaign and its efforts to prevent the expansion of NAFTA and other unfair international trade agreements.
  2. Please vote in FAVOR of the NAFTA Accountability Act which would repeal or amend NAFTA if it proves detrimental to labor and human rights as well as environmental standards.
  3. I urge you to vote against any trade agreement which would expand NAFTA to Chile or any other country.
  4. Write back to me and tell me specifically how you stand on this issue.
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