We start GREEP zoom #175 with the great LINDA SEELEY from the Mothers for Peace of San Luis Obispo explaining the latest hearing on shutting the Diablo Canyon nukes.

Linda explains that the extreme heat, pressure and radiation inside a nuclear reactor have embrittled Reactor Pressure Vessels, robbing nukes everywhere of their braking systems…rendering them all vulnerable to the next apocalyptic explosion.

As Linda says, we have far more battery storage in California than Diablo produces….so who needs nukes? Answer: NOBODY!!

MIKE THALLER of Progressive Democrats of America tells his personal horror show of what the San Diego utility has done to his electric bill (hint: it’s not pretty).

Ohio’s CONNIE KLINE tells us about the gargantuan pro-nuke bribery fire still melting the Buckeye State.

Green power pioneer RON LEONARD gets us to the solar nitty-gritty.

MAYA VAN ROSSUM tells us how Green Amendments can help shut the nuke industry.

STEVEN SONDHEIM offers his wisdom on saving the planet.

VINA COLLEY of southern Ohio warns us against the dangers of reviving the Piketon enrichment facility, which has “killed so many people in the community.”

VINNIE DE STEFANO gives us an update JULIAN ASSANGE just as Joe Biden has extolled freedom of the press at the National Correspondents Dinner.

The abortion issue is dissected by WENDI LEDERMAN, including an on-the-ground report of “baby killer” accusations all over.

MIKE HERSH explains the “Uncommitted” movement to get Biden’s attention on war and democracy.

LYNN FEINERMAN demands that the political mainstream pay more attention to the young and the marginalized.

RUTH STRAUSS and MYLA RESON bring reason and balance to the discussion of a nation in upheaval.

From Ann Arbor, we hear from BRIAN STERNBERG on Michigan's confused but vital debate over what happens to electoral delegates.

We conclude with the debate over reshaping the Electoral College and its devastating impact on real democracy.