Dear Mr. Fitrakis,

I have just read your article about Bush being tried alongside Saddam. I would like to share some of my thoughts regarding America's quest for empire and its need for secrecy. Please bear with me. Many more young Americans are going to die because they are not aware of the facts. There are 'bad' genes circulating in the Bush blood line!

Since the United State's pre-emptive invasion of Iraq back in March I have come to the conclusion that the power of the press is not necessarily what the press DOES publish but in what the press chooses NOT to publish. This discovery is a result of my dealings with the so-called 'free' press and observing the media before and after our invasion. Soon after the invasion of Iraq I wrote a letter-to-the-editor of a local paper that contained several Google searches and suggested that the paper print them so that its readers would learn something about our history (and Britain's) in that region of the world. Surprisingly, 98% percent of my letter was published. Amazingly, it was the 2% that was left out that would have enlightened the paper's readership. A fine example of 'pre-emptive' editing, or, to use a more descriptive term, 'censorship'.

I believe that after Iraq there will be another, and another, and another series of pre-emptive attacks by the USA somewhere in the world - regardless of who the next few presidents are (although some idiots are more prone than others). Why? As you are probably aware, President Eisenhower warned against the Military-Industrial complex. During the intervening years the seriousness of the problem has mushroomed to include every aspect of our society. An appropriate acronym, to me, is MIME-FECE$ - The Military-Industrial-Media-Educational-Financial-Entertainment-Congressional-Executive-$ complex. The last, $, is what it finally all boils down to. The sound of silence is deafening and the odor that permeates from it stinks. Unfortunately, the pile deepens with each passing day. And our troops are left holding the bag - unfortunately, many wind up IN the bag along with the other fertilizer - and there ain't no exit. The 'revolving door' concept only works at the top of the chain.  

Perhaps you could do a series of history lessons for Americans. Could it be that the rest of the world knows more about us than we know about ourselves? Perhaps you could do the following two Google searches and share the information with your readers: 1 - 'Prescott Bush' and 2 - 'Carlyle Group'.
Here are two Web sites that should get you started:

#1 -
#2 -

Here are four more Google searches that may interest you and your readers that are interested in our history (and England's):

3 - 'Iraq chemical weapons Britain',
4 - 'Iraq chemical weapons Winston Churchill',
5 - 'Iraq chemical weapons United States', and
6 - 'CIA overthrow governments'.

Here is a corresponding list of Web sites (only one each) that will reveal information that our mass media has chosen to ignore:

#3 -
#4 -
#5 -
#6 -

Assuming that only 1% of the Web sites found are true, this sure beats American intelligence of three independent sources!

Many years ago I read The Penkovsky Papers, said to be written by a Russian spy. Only within the last year or so have I learned it was fiction - written by the CIA. Please refer to near the end of the article. The quote at the beginning defines the problem.

Perhaps you could notify all families who had loved ones killed on 9/11, all military personnel who have been injured and the families of all those killed about the truth as well. Also, have all your readers check out Another site to consider is

You may also want to visit this site that reflects the past glory and valor of America's major coalition partner:

Where does it end? Since Bush's pre-emptive strike in Iraq in March I have come to the conclusion that World War II would never had occurred if it weren't for the $$ signs that American capitalists saw in the rising star of Hilter. If you have done the Google search on 'Prescott Bush' above you will get a taste of what I mean. But grandpa Bush was not alone. Please do searches on the following strings:

"IBM Thomas J. Watson Hitler", "General Motors Hitler", "Ford Motor Hitler", "Standard Oil Hitler", "General Electric Hitler", "Wall Street Hitler", "Chase Manhattan Hitler", "Morgan Bank Hitler", "Dupont Hitler", "Kodak Hitler", "Alcoa Aluminum Hitler".

What do their actions say about 'free' markets? SO much in the land of the 'free'! As the cartoon character Pogo stated many years ago, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

Ron Brown