01 November 2022

City of Ft. Lauderdale seeks to privatize the drinking water of the Central Broward Region to a foreign corporation. The city owns and operates the Fiveash Treatment Plant, serving Ft. Lauderdale, Oakland Park, WIlton...

26 October 2022

We first pose to him the hope to remove the statue of General George McClellan from the streets of DC, and for official recognition of Sally Hemings as the third First Lady of the United States.

We hear from MIKE HERSH about the...

23 October 2022

Above all, one golden attribute renders our species worth saving: a capacity for compassion, to see the world through another’s eyes, and to feel it with a shared heart.

It’s the rare empathetic genius whose...

20 October 2022

We start with TATANKA BRICCA talking to us about STEPHEN STILLS and his hearing loss.

We hear from RICHARD LANGWORTHY in London expressing deep concern about a fascist victory in the US this November.


13 October 2022

We begin GREE-GREE #113 with a celebration of Indigenous People’s Day led by TATANKA BRICCA and the reminder that whatever democracy and freedom we enjoy in...

23 September 2022

Lawsuit Filed Against Wake County Director of Elections for Violating the
Constitutional Rights of a Wake County Voter in Retaliation for her Advocacy

TylerBrooks, Esq., 336-707-8855 ...


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