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31 May 2024

In 2020, following the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, local activists were pressing Columbus City Council to pass policy which would rein in one of the...

Lake with a peninsula and trees
23 May 2024

On a recent warm evening at the Runaway Bay apartment complex in Grandview, a middle-aged woman in a rowboat was chased by a gaggle of white swans, geese,...

Weed truck
13 May 2024

A recreational dispensary on wheels – a weed truck if you will, which may or not be completely state sanctioned – has been rolling around Columbus for some...

30 April 2024

The “Old Amateurs” of Columbus – also known as those who do most of the hard work in the community – have not been invited by City officials to take...

20 April 2024

In late 2022, just after the US mid-term elections, a billionaire cabal gathered in Florida to plot out Donald Trump’s return to power.

These mega/...

18 April 2024

Columbus is a massive flat concrete and asphalt pancake on vast prairie land with one million new residents projected by 2050. Building new Metro Parks is...