21 July 2003
Deva Premal's "Love is Space" is a perfect album.

Such gems do exist. They're rare, but most great musicians have at least one.

The Beatles had many, including "Rubber Soul" and "SGT. Pepper". My favorite of...
17 July 2003
Sometimes dreams come true.  And sometimes reality exceeds your hopes.

That happened to me---and my four-year-old daughter---at the Palace.  Thanks to CAPA, Columbus was treated to THE great Irish band in a concert that can...
20 June 2003
Written by Bob Fitrakis
Edited by Brian Lindamood
Published by: Columbus Alive/Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism 246 pages; $15.00

Buy this book at: Free...
28 May 2003
STOMP is a hell of a kick.  It's the Oltatunji of the Ashcans.  The Kodo Drumming of the Alleyways.  It is offbeat, imaginative, relentlessly unique in its working-class creativity, and, at its best, downright inspirational.

26 May 2003
Now showing at the Arena Grand and Elsewhere

The mystery is solved:

THE MATRIX is about the fight against the Bush/Republican totalitarian take-over.

The code is...
22 May 2003
I’ve been friends with the guys in Denovo for I don’t know how long – hell, I was in bands with some of them. I listened to Jason, Marc, Chris and...


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