24 February 2024

The rich history of genocides does not show us combination like the one we
have today:
1) Overwhelming evidence of intent broadcast and available to everyone on
instant communication devices (phones, tablets, computer)...

19 February 2024

The pathetic State of our World: Greed, Corruption and the Genocide by
Mazin Qumsiyeh
posted at

19 February 2024

Day 130 of the ongoing genocide: Total killed 28340 (+some 7,000 under the
rubble to be added) and injured  67984. 72% are women and children. This
also does not count the thousands dead from lack of food, clean water,

04 February 2024

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28 January 2024

Today 26 January 2024 (after 112 days of carnage), the International Court
of Justice issued a decision /injunction with six "provisional" measures
(available here


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