04 February 2024

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28 January 2024

Today 26 January 2024 (after 112 days of carnage), the International Court
of Justice issued a decision /injunction with six "provisional" measures
(available here

28 January 2024
The reader is directed to this article at Popular Resistance to visualize the suffering of Palestinians.What is the story with UNRWA? If Israel succeeds in liquidating the
Palestinian cause, will the whole globe be at risk of a global...
25 January 2024

A zionist on my list (I do have some since my list is large with over
55.000), who sent me threats before, sent me a message today with the
reminder of Deuteronomy 7 from the Bible/Torah: 1 When the Lord your God

24 January 2024

If what is currently happening in the occupied Palestinian West Bank took place before October 7, our attention would have been completely fixated on that region in Palestine.

 The ongoing Israeli genocide in...


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