16 May 2001
“From the dawn of man his blood filled cries for revenge have been heard, the lustful poison for vengeance seeping into his heart blackening his soul. The creator heard these cries – thus while giving the law to Moses said, whomever...
01 May 2001
I still remember the shock of May 4, 1970 after hearing the news of the shootings at Kent State – the unnerving feeling that they were coming for me and my friends next -- as a Detroit 9th grade hippie greaser/MC5 listener/White Panther...
01 April 2000
Kevin Scudder, age 37, was convicted in 1990 of murdering Tina Baisden, age 14. The charge of aggravated murder included attempted rape and kidnapping specifications. On December 14, 1990, Scudder was sentenced to death.

The basic...


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