Voting Rights Bills Under Attack On MLK DAY…and a plan to fight back 

On Martin Luther King Day we confront the horrendous blitzkrieg against voting rights and the future of American democracy.

At this GREEP ZOOM #79, we begin with the Ohio Supreme Court’s welcome overturn of a horrendous gerrymandering travesty.

We get a report from MAYOR JENNIFER ROBERTS on the battle for voter rights in North Carolina and the work of the Carter Center.

We hear about Wisconsin’s outrageous denial of drop boxes and the ability of voters to send in their ballots with family members.  

We hear from JENNIFER TANNER, TATONKA BRICCA, WENDI LIEDERMAN and RON LEONARD about the attack on solar in CA, FL and throughout the country.

We hear from MYLA RESON on the denial of democracy at the Pacifica Radio Network.

Then the great Constitutional attorney JOEL SEGAL presents the idea of a Presidential Executive Order to implement the voting rights acts.  

This extremely powerful, detailed, critically important discussion on how to preserve our democracy should not be missed.  

Part 1:

Part 2: