Beacon Fellowship is shocked and appalled over the comments and intentions of President Bush regarding same-sex marriage.

During a press conference yesterday, Bush made it very clear that he opposes same-sex marriage and that he has government lawyers working to ensure that the only legal definition of marriage is between a man and a woman.

"Clearly, Bush and his religious taliban supporters are determined to make gays and lesbians into third-class citizens, despite the fact that gays and lesbians are also taxpayers, are employed by the government, and serve proudly in the military" says Perry Slone, Director of Beacon Fellowship.

"The same type of hate and rhetoric was used against African-Americans 30-40 years ago, just take out the word "homosexual" and replace it with "black" or "colored" and its the same thing" says Mr Slone.

"Its appalling that Bush is so determined to make discrimination against gays and lesbians more acceptable or that he sees himself as the "fuherer" over the American people, I would think he would be more concerned with getting the economy back on track and stopping the slaughter of our soldiers in Iraq" Slone says.

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