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Despite President Biden's weak proposal for a ceasefire and a solution to Israel's genocide of Gaza, it appears that Benjamin (NutenYahoo) Netanyahu intends to kill them all if he can. At the same time, it is clear that Israel is nowhere close to eliminating Hamas, so the world is expected to watch this horror show for an extended period of time. The American public is shielded from the horror show by a compliant media, none of which showed the horrible image of a real beheaded (and burnt) baby which was seen by the rest of the world.

The peace proposal was dead on arrival. NutenYahoo rejected Biden's proposal immediately, since he insists that he be allowed to continue the carnage under any conditions. Hamas' only requirement at this point is a permanent ceasefire. The Israel propaganda machine, run through the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), has managed to convince many Americans that Palestinians are at fault for lack of a solution over the past 17 years of siege (or 75 years of oppression). This time, it is clear that Israel is rejecting all efforts at peace, although even now the propaganda machine attempts to blame Hamas. Israel's determination to continue the slaughter is bolstered by the fact that a peace plan will mean the end of the Netanyahu government.

Concurrently, Israel is suffering heavy losses and is not close to eliminating Hamas. They are very much aware that any male left alive in Gaza will be a threat to them from now until death, so they do not hesitate to sniper kill any target, and do not care about the children and women who are slaughtered. For those interested in seeing the way this “war” is being fought, one only need to watch the Youtube video's from the Electronic Intifada, or follow Jon Elmer elsewhere

Israel is isolated as never before. Netanyahu's insistence in completing the ethnic cleansing has caused the entire world to turn against him, with the only exception being the American Empire. His calculation might be that he will weaken Joe Biden and cause a Trump victory in November. Trump, lacking empathy even for those close to him, will allow Gazan's to be obliterated for a price, and Israel will gladly pay that price. Biden appears oblivious to the knife in his back.

Israel now controls the border of Gaza and Egypt so they now have the increased ability, and are in the process of, starving the Palestinians. Biden's pathetic PR effort at supplying Gaza with food collapsed with the first large ocean wave. The pier cost $320 million and had only begun operating on May 17 .

Although ineffective, there is considerable resistance in Israel. Haaretz, the Jerusulem Post, and other Israel intellectuals understand that this is not going to turn out well for Israel, and may even result in Israel being destroyed, not by defenseless Palestinians but by isolation from the rest of the world over time. Although Hamas is providing significant resistance, any resistance from Palestine whether from “Hamas” or a new resistance effort, can never go on the offensive and thus not able to eliminate Israel militarily. It is difficult to understand how Israeli government can look at the map which shows Israel as a speck of dust surrounded by Muslim countries and also think they can successfully steal the entire land of Gaza (to be followed by the West Bank) and continue as a respected nation of the world. The repercussions are immense, including brain drain, economic factors, and civilian unrest.

The land previously controlled by Gaza holds immense oil reserves. The length of Gaza is beachfront property, coveted by Jared Kushner and the government of Israel. In addition to that, there is a natural gas pipeline proposal which Israel has opposed, since Palestinians would benefit. Now the conquest of Gaza will result in the oil fields becoming the spoils of war.

The soldiers fighting in Gaza that do come back will be damaged. To date, 7000 young Israelis are injured. Americans are well aware of the difficulty our own returning vets face, including mental health/suicides, domestic violence, drug abuse, homelessness and treatment of the injured, to date. Inflicting this much punishment on so many for so long will damage Israeli society, especially an already racist, apartheid society.

This conflict will have enormous repercussions in American electoral politics. At worst, it will result in Biden's defeat to Trump. Even if that catastrophe is avoided, the divestment effort will continue and will gain momentum over time. Divestment efforts are credited with the fall of the South African apartheid regime. AIPAC will be on the defensive, but will continue to lavish money on our politicians.

For a deeper understanding, this author wants to encourage readers to follow Mehdi Hasan at Zeteo, Caitlin Johnston, Jonathan Cook, Electronic Intifada, Al Jazeera English, The Intercept, Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal at the Gray Zone . Israeli newspapers Haaretz and Jerusalem Post challenge the ongoing situation more aggressively than the western press. Dr. Ramzy Baroud , editor of Palestinian Chronicles, is one of several critics of the genocide in Gaza to write for the Free Press.

The world can hope for an end to the carnage, but the writing is on the wall. People currently struggling to live in Gaza will be shredded, starved and/or buried in mass graves. Israel has no intention of agreeing to a ceasefire. Netanyahu has offered no vision for the future, no vision of peace, only death and destruction. The American Empire will encourage us to look away. We must not.