The Israeli government just downgraded the number of those killed in the
October 7 attack to 1200 from 1400. Haaretz Newspaper was able to name less
than 980 (some yet to be identified). George Galloway wrote: "The foul
allegations of rape have been dropped by the Israeli government. The forty
beheaded babies has been downscaled to one dead baby, not beheaded, and
killed by persons unknown." Does the truth of what happened on October 7
matter? Yes it does because it is used to justify an ongoing genocide
(ofcourse nothing justifies genocide even exagerrated and fabricated
stories). But why do many western leaders and western media parrot Israeli
lies and not just about 7 October but for the past 75 years of committing
atrocities against a largely defenseless Palestinian population? DOES THE
TRUTH MATTER? The links below are a glimpse of the overwhelming body of
evidence about Israeli/Zionist lies. You be the judge. In the end I will
say why this is important if not CRITICAL to achieve peace.

The Zionist movement literally threw Palestinians into the sea (loading
boats in Haifa and Jaffa) in 1948 to sent them to Lebanon and Gaza, Only
AFTER this ethnic cleansing, they came up with the lie that Palestinians
were going to throw Jews into the sea (see From these early lies sprung
many others over the past 75 years. A book should be written about this as
it is the most remarkable set of orchestrated lies in the history of global
colonization. Here are information and links from about lies and
then I add a comment on why these lies will contribute to the end of the
Israeli apartheid regime. Since western media puppets always start with the
events of October 7, ignore history, ignore lies, and ignore preplanned and
executed genocide, we can start with 7 October.lies about Hamas atrocities
(beheading 40 babies, raping women, burning people alive etc.):
see also Why is Israel trying to HIDE this hostage interview?
Fake AI generated photo of burned baby

Israeli forces shot at their own civilians
also look up Hannibal doctrine.

There were false flag operations like the Lavon Affair, or the bombing of
Jewish community centers in Iraq to blame it on locals and scare Iraqi Jews
to leave their country. Hasbara (propaganda) is a very common Zionist
tactic to advance their project of colonization. During the October 2023
incidents Israeli leaders lied about Hamas killing and beheading babies,
about Israeli soldiers killing Israeli citizens, or even about wanting
peace and set the stage for ongoing genocide.  The Lavon Affair: Israel and
Terror in Egypt
Three Worlds: Memoirs of an Arab-Jew (about Israel's false flag operations
targeting Jews to drive them out of Iraq
Israel killed an American citizen and lied about it
This UN report on the shelling of a UN Compound that killed civilians in
Qana massacre 1996  contradicts Israeli lies

The current prime Minister Netanyahu is we;ll known for lying to
foreigners. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz (7/15/01) reported that: "...
giving his audience (Likud leaders) a bit of advice on how to deal with
foreign interviewers (Benjamin Netanyahu said): 'Always, irrespective of
whether you're right or not, you must always present your side as right'".
In private and thinking he is not taped, he gives a more candid assessment
of where he stands:

Israel's history of lies
Israel lies to manufacture a case for genocide

Taking responsibility and then lying

Israel lied when it said an errant Islamic Jihad rocket fell in Al-Ahli
hospital courtyard killing 471 civilians:
Israeli history of attacking medical facilities
Hospital warned two and four days before it was targeted

UN says Israel intentionally and recklessly killed Journalist Shireen Abu
Aqleh (a US Ctizen)
Killing Aljazeera Correspondent’s Family Days After Blinken Demands the
Channel’s Coverage be ‘Toned Down’
(Dozens of journalists were killed in 1 month in Gaza. Why target
journalists and not allow others into Gaza if you have nothing to hide)

The self-declared “I am zionist” US president Biden questioned the number
of people killed in Gaza as documented by the Ministry of Health so in
response, the ministry released the data with names, ages, and ID card
numbers (Biden has no shame to dehumanize Palestnians and start to lie on
behalf of his pimps. The list released did not include the names of the
reported missing who are likely mostly dead under the rubble.
You can find the list of names here but this grows daily by hundreds

Now I did not expect everyone to look through the above in detail because
of its length. But it is actually a tiny glimpse of a 75 year history of
lies and myths that are used by a movement that never had any moral or
logical justification for its existence.  Zionists lie because they have to
justify stealing land from indigenous people and to transform a
multi-ethnic multi-cultural and multi-religious society to a Jewish state
with countless laws that discriminate against the remaining Palestinians
kept in Ghettos/concentration camps.  Truth matters because lies and myths
justify colonization, ethnic cleansing, and now accelerated genocide (2.3
million without food or water or medicins while their hospitals are taken
out of service). As the lies are exposed Zionists resort to their last
card: weaponizing "anti-Semitism" but even this trick is not working as
opposition to the apartheid colonial regime comes from every quarter
including hundreds of thousands of Jews around the world. Here is Dan
Lieberman explaining how Israel is using the last card it has to defend the
indefensible genocide and see this on
weaponization of anti-Semitism

Israel's Military Rabbi Amichai Friedman: "This is the happiest month of my
life... We're finally realizing who we are. All of this land is ours. The
entire land, including Gaza & Lebanon... We will destroy everyone" he said
to cheering Israeli sodiers
This and other genocidal statements listed at plus the history
of lies to sugar coat genocide (of which a glimpse is above) should shed
any remaining fdoubt about why we must utilize all possible tools of
resistance (especially truth telling, boycotts, divestments, sanctions) to
end the nightmare.
If Martin Luther King was alive etoday, would he have made a similar speech
about the US support of the genocide in Palestine to the speech a he made
about Vietnam? Read his speech and judge for yourself
But if not convinced, here is more about MLK Jr including his letter about
Israel's aggression

Get a glimpse of Gaza that is now subject to genocide. Note that the
photographer interviewed is a Christian Marwant Tarazi who was killed with
his wife, a child, and many chistians when Israel bombed of the church
compound hey were sheltering in

A letter from a person who chose to stay in Gaza city despite the illegal
and immoral order for ethnic cleansing of North Gaza

Remarks at media briefing by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker
Türk following visit to Rafah, Egypt.

Democrats are feeling the pressure of public sentiment in the US for
ceasefire (will Biden sac his Zionist secretary of state and replace his
his Zionist VP and change course toensure a second term or will it be the
orange monster Trump again?). Will the US and srael implode anyway?

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh
A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home
Professor, Founder, and (volunteer) Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History
Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability
Bethlehem University
Occupied Palestine
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