Our Constitution; Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness... Economic Security, Being Sacrificed to Endless Wars

Dwight David Eisenhower, the Prophet-President of the United States, sixty-four years ago warned of the ascension of the military-industrial state, presently morphed into the military-industrial-intelligence complex, which, fully in control of our government, induces and manipulates our fears, creating serial enemies, justifying endless war for profit, openly canceling long-cherished constitutional rights, within  the hoary rubric of “National Security,” read: Plunder of the American taxpayer.  

Congress, as an Article One creation is in the thrall of  murderous interest groups which  are actively driving mass killings, assassinations, famine and ethnic cleansing, the progeny of genocide, in plain sight, recycling  U.S. taxpayers’ hard-earned money to tighten its grip on American politics, all the while using its media influence to deny any of this is happening, denying even the existence of a people, or how they died,  as  bodies pile up by the tens of thousands in Gaza.

The extent to which patriotic Americans are being cynically manipulated is exemplified by events of the past week.  Congress forfeited, by single votes in the House and Senate, our Fourth Amendment right to unreasonable search and seizure, passing the FISA extension and setting the stage for an official police state.   

Next, Congress cheered as members wildly waved the flag of another  nation inside the chamber of the House, (!) ignoring a $34 trillion deficit, adding  another reality-defying $95 billion for “foreign aid,” (war) on top of the nearly one trillion dollars which now goes ANNUALLY to the Pentagon and intelligence agencies to wage, on the national credit card, unrelenting war against countless innocents, while across this land anyone who dares exercise our Constitutionally-guaranteed  First Amendment right to speak out in protest on campus, at work, or  in the media,  is condemned, suspended, expelled, or fired.    

Our President and the leaders of foreign nations are in a deadly gandy-dance of denial and mass death, one theatrically begging the other to stop the bombing while providing bombs, not to escalate, while paying for escalation, thus enabling an ever more heartbreaking level of carnage, and collective punishment in open betrayal of our sacred quest for “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of. Happiness.”  Our government stands ready to defend almost any  country’s borders, but our own.

In our country, Americans are smothered in debt, having difficulty keeping up with inflation, seeing a middle class destroyed while trade agreements drove down wages and benefits, eliminated jobs, putting housing, education and health opportunities increasing out of the reach of more and more Americans, making a mockery of the America Dream.

We must break this deadly fealty to shadow-nations and corrupt and corrupting interest groups whose own leaders have without conscience enacted the worst example of man’s inhumanity to man in dark service of an ethno-religious project which is antithetical to every moral principle articulated in America’s founding documents. 

It is urgent that 2024 be the year when we, the American people, make a new beginning.

We must take up our Constitution as a shield and insist upon the Freedoms it guarantees.

We must align with those essentially spiritual values which support life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We must stop licensing and financing genocide.

We must stop funding and fueling wars around the world.

We must stop building up the freedom- extinguising national debt.

We must take care of our own people here at home.

We must begin to pay attention to the one nation whose affairs should matter most to us:

The United States of America.