For our GREEP Zoom #143 at Green Power & Wellness, RACHEL COYLE explains how Ohio is trying to gut the referendum process while facing statewide votes to protect a woman’s right to choose both abortion and marijuana.

WENDI LEDERMAN adds in the bad news from Florida, where she is being physically harassed in the course of gathering signatures for a referendum there whose rules have already been rigged.

VINNIE DESTEFANO gives us the latest reporting on the murderous case of Julian Assange in contrast to the hand-wringing over Evan Gershkavitz, the Wall Street Journal reporter being held in Russia for reasons barely parallel to whatever Assange has done.

MIKE HERSH informs us about a critical petition now circulating from Reps. Barbara Lee and Mark Pocan to finally slash some of the excess money being wasted on the military budget.  

DAVID SALTMAN explores the dirty realities of cluster munitions, land mines and depleted uranium in Ukraine.

MYLA RESON ends our first  hour with the lethal realities of the aerosolization of depleted uranium, leaving a death toll of cancer in its wake.


Abut the failures of Ukraine/Russian diplomacy we hear from TATANKA BRICCA and DOROTHY REIK.

Then HOWIE HAWKINS, 2020 Green Party Presidential nominee, and LINDA GUNTER of Beyond Nuclear, alert us to the terrifying nightmare at Zaporizhzhia.

The UN General Assembly is now being asked to send peacekeeping forces to protect the six reactors & fuel pools at Zapo as they were used to prevent World War at Suez in 1956.

Linda also shows that the International Atomic Energy Agency is promoting atomic power while it allegedly tells the truth about Zapo.

Likewise Japan is poised to dump a million tons of irradiated water into the Pacific Ocean with no concept of what it might do to the global ecology.

DR. LISA NAGY fills us in on the specter of radioactive phosphorus being melded into the paving of our global highways.

RON LEONARD adds in the latest news in the war for renewables, which never ceases to amaze.