Diabolic… Cindy Sheehan armed with a concealed T-shirt boldly snuck into Bush’s State of Disunion Speech.

How did she get in? In a plot to terrorize Bush, Representative Lynn Woolsey, Dem from California, nothing more need be said, but I will say more, invited, even gave Cindy Sheehan a ticket to the speech – Gallery 5, seat 7, row A, while the treacherous Sheehan attended an ‘alternative state of disunion’ by the suspected terrorist organization Code Pink.

Why haven’t these people been arrested and stored in secret jails yet? Code Pink is a group controlled by radical feminist Peace Niks. They’ve been protesting Bush’s invasion of Iraq – along with millions of little people all over the country since even before Bush started his war.

Once upon a time Code Pink almost made their protest mainstream when a Code Pink member returning after Bush’s Invasion of Iraq reported on the bloodshed on the Republican News Hour with Jimmy Lehrer. Luckily the News Hour realized their error and cut her off in mid sentence forcing Code Pink underground to work with the likes of the radical Cindy Sheehan.

Who is this radical Cindy Sheehan? Cindy Sheehan is a disgusting example of motherhood. Her son Casey, a soldier in Iraq gave his life in the line of duty. Now that Cindy Sheehan knows the facts about why Bush started the war in Iraq she’s one pissed off mother. Like most terrorists her mental apparatus is irrational. She doesn’t want other Mother’s to suffer the loss that she’s experienced.

At first in shock over the loss of her son, Cindy Sheehan had behaved sensibly. She had met with Bush as he offered her his condolences. Later when Cindy discovered that Bush lied about the reasons for the War she became irrational. This inconsistent behavior indicates instability based on a willingness to use her brain and assess the truth based on data that the main stream media kept from her and most of the American public. Cindy should be put in a mental gulag to prevent this truth virus from infecting other Americans.

Once learning the truth the unstable Cindy sought to terrorize Bush in every manner imaginable. Cindy camped 26 days near Bush’s homestead. The Bush homestead has a cozy cabin and the surrounding grounds have brush just dying to be cut. Bush was at his homestead on a working 26 day vacation. In the tradition of great Americans, George cut brush and fell off his bike daily.

Cindy asked to meet Bush at the end of his driveway, saying she wanted an explanation as to why her son had died in Iraq. Cindy’s so powerful and terrifying that the most powerful man in the world was afraid to walk to the end of his driveway and talk to her. A very sensible precaution as her current behavior demonstrates.

Upping the anti, increasingly irrational and threatening, Cindy Sheehan peacefully protested in Washington D.C. in front of the White House along with 300 other peace activists. Thank god these people were arrested.

We need stronger laws preventing Peace Protests and Protestors from embarrassing the war monger in Washington. Currently protests and protestors must be kept at least Five Miles away from Bush when he’s propagandizing. This should be made one hundred miles.

Furthermore Loyalty oaths that must be signed saying that no one will protest or exercise their right to Free Speech at a Bush propaganda rally needs to be strengthened to include everywhere in America that Buffalo once roamed and crapped--- no just make that everywhere. No protest allowed. Period.

Growing more and more unstable and radical, Cindy Sheehan took her seat at Bush’s state of disunion armed with a hidden T-shirt with the words, “2,245 Dead – How Many More??” This referenced the number of American service personnel killed to date in Iraq. Luckily she was arrested when she could remove her outer clothing to reveal the disgusting pornography she wore below.

Later, Sheehan was released without charge because the trophy wife of a Republican Congressman wore a shirt that said, “Support Our Troops.” Quite rightly the Congressman protested the treatment of his wife longly and loudly in the House the following day. A capital spokesman said it was all a mistake. Neither woman should have been removed from the proceedings. Next year congressmen & family members will be allowed to wear NASCAR type regalia with their corporate sponsors and logos on full display.

Luckily, the Sheehan episode hardly affected the proceedings. The Republican seals barked and clapped vigorously, on cue, as George, Resident Select of the White House entered the room.

I always try to end my pieces with some positive news. Meanwhile, in an unrelated report Exxon-Mobil and Chevron Oil announced whopping record breaking war profiteering.

Now there’s something The Annie Rand Think Tank, chief proponents of greed as the most valuable of American values, can cheer about.

(Ben Hooked is currently working on his best seller, book three of The Chronicles of Alpha-Omega 1,2,3, Revenge of the Reincarnated Slave Masters even as he comments on events on earth. Due to a crack in the Time-Space continuum Ben lives on the future home of earthlings while observing and writing about the past on earth. That’s how historical science fiction works.)