28 April 2022

#92 GreeGree Zoom April 25, 2022

Violence v. Election Workers & Ohio Madness w. Nina Turner et. al.

Our action-packed GREE-GREE #92 begins with a devastating view from JOEL SEGAL of violence being...

20 April 2022

With the great ANDREA MILLER and JOEL SEGAL our GREE-GREE gathering #91 dives into the realties of grassroots campaigning.

While the major parties will blow tens of millions on TV advertising, we saw in Georgia 2021 how effective...

07 April 2022

For our meeting #89 we announce the GREEN-GREEP (Gree-Gree)…the Greening of the Grassroots Emergency Election Protection ...

31 March 2022

#88 Election Protection Mar. 27, 2022

This week’s show is rooted in our monumental March 27 Summit in Santa Monica.

On a warm, sunny southern California Day, dozens of local activists gathered to...

22 March 2022

Our GREEP zoom #87 leaps into the issue of Civic Duty Voting with the great MILES RAPOPORT, former Secretary of State of Connecticut.

Miles has served as president of Common Cause and Demos.  He is most recently the co-author,...


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