27 January 2022

While many march and celebrate a fictitious King today, his family, largely ignored, call on no one to celebrate the holiday till voting rights are protected, with the current reversal of laws by the Supreme Court, some things are worse...

25 January 2022
In the face of the Trump Cult’s fascist assault on American democracy, the Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition has joined with the Progressive Democrats of America to present a uniquely powerful and comprehensive town...
20 January 2022
A National Grassroots Campaign to Protect Our Elections

Precincts * Counties * Democracy Centers * SOS   Progressive Democrats of America & Grassroots Emergency Election...
18 January 2022
As nuke power collapses in France, Germany and Georgia, only YOU can save solar power in California.
A corrupt California Public Utilities Commission has sent to Gov. Gavin Newsom a death warrant for...
18 January 2022

Voting Rights Bills Under Attack On MLK DAY…and a plan to fight back 

On Martin Luther King Day we confront the horrendous blitzkrieg against voting rights and the future of American democracy.

At this GREEP ZOOM...

17 January 2022
We are EXTREMELY CONCERNED about the attacks and actions promulgated by Pacifica’s current leadership and attorneys, and we think you will be, too, once you know more about them.

We write as part of the majority of the Pacifica...


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