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17 March 2024

Call and write your U.S. Congressmember:

Vote to pass the House Version of S. 3853, the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA). ...

16 January 2023

The nuclear industry has been selling the world a story that nuclear power is a solution to climate change because it does not generate...

Sign saying Battelle Nuclear weapons now illegal
25 January 2021

I was truly overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and passion and energy shown by everyone at the rally at Battelle on Jan. 22, the day of the Entry Into Force of...

Sierra Club logo
13 December 2020

Most Free Press readers are familiar with Ohio House Bill 6, the infamous $1.3 billion electric ratepayer bailout of FirstEnergy’s nukes and coal...

Daniel Poneman
02 January 2020

As readers of The Free Press may know, the Portsmouth Nuclear Site at Piketon, Ohio, is heavily contaminated with radioactivity from 50 years of...

Big yellow construction machine digging into the soil
07 September 2019

Citizens Rally Over Offsite Contamination at the Portsmouth Nuclear Site

As schools start up across the nation, the Zahn’s Corners...