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10 January 2007
How to Impeach a President
2006, The Center for Constitutional Rights
Producers: Valerie Merians and Dennis Johnson, Melville House...
04 January 2007
Recount-Audit Observations
Franklin County, Ohio
December 2006

The evidence adduced during post election review of the results...
07 November 2006
We are holding our parallel election at Whetstone Recreation Center, 3923 N. High Street, Columbus (Franklin Co.) Ohio. Franklin County uses ES&S...
20 September 2006
Experts across the country, from Princeton to MIT, have found serious security flaws in these electronic voting systems forced on us by HAVA (Help American "...
25 August 2006
The San Diego citizens who are suing for transparency and accountability in elections witnessed the second hearing in this matter before the Honorable Judge...
16 July 2006
Now about sex.… One school would allow us no flavor for our fare and the other would have us all on a straight pepper diet. ~Alcoholics Anonymous p. 69...